Expanding the Tremendous Potential of Intellectual Property

We at TSUKUNI & ASSOCIATES strive to expand the tremendous potential of intellectual property. In order to fully develop the intellectual property of our clients, we offer a variety of services relating to all aspects of intellectual property to contribute to the best interests of not only our clients, but also to society as a whole, first properly ascertaining their value and then providing representation and other services to acquire rights on the basis thereof.
 As is the case with many other areas, the field of intellectual property is currently expanding throughout the world, or in other words, it is becoming a global field. In order to stay ahead of this current trend, we deploy intellectual property-related services and businesses on a global scale, without being limited to domestic fields.
 In addition, we can currently carry out business relating to the entire spectrum of intellectual property, including those related to inventions, trademarks, utility models, designs and copyrights. Further, we have established both organization and systems covering not only procedural business relating to the Japan Patent Office but also various activities including litigation or license agreements, and consulting services relating to intellectual property and pertaining issues.
 This wide range of services relating to intellectual property is the result of our combined international and comprehensive capabilities. We are also able to effectively meet demands for speed, high quality and relatively competitive prices , to the satisfaction of our clients.
 While we constantly incorporate these concepts into our services and operations, we are committed to making it our mission to accurately foresee actions that will be taken by our clients' competitors and offer the best possible support regarding any and all necessary legal actions to be taken in response. Our goal is to expediently resolve any problems relating to intellectual property rights, while quickly and accurately prosecuting infringements of the intellectual property of our clients, in consideration of the current rapidly-changing business environment.
 With an aim toward continuing this mission in future generations, we had established the patent professional corporation called “Tsukuni & Associates” as of January 4, 2012 and continue the business. We believe that such corporatization will enable us to develop an organizational structure and system that will be able to provide our clients with even higher quality services, more promptly, and with more competitive prices in wider range of working fields over longer periods, for increased client trust
 As professionals, we take pride in continuing to provide expedient and high-quality services in our field while also making every effort to further enhance the capabilities and skills of our personnel, as well as to maintain and update our management system. In order to accomplish this, we will constantly endeavor to remain a group of experts able to effectively serve the needs of our clients as well as society in general, with the hope of achieving a better tomorrow for people around the globe as we continue to evolve to meet the challenges that lie ahead.