1. To provide clients with services beyond their expectation, with emphases on 'for the client'

In order to realize these goals:

  • We act daily to obtain the strongest rights and most extensive coverage possible relating to intellectual property, by properly assessing the essence of our clients' technologies, clients' business development and clients' requirements;
  • We have developed a system that works in an organized and systemic manner to avoid human error, , while concentrating on performing error-free work on intellectual property by experienced and qualified employees;
  • We provide clients with a variety of support services including preliminary research, analysis and advice to allow clients to develop and expand their business smoothly without any troubles relating to intellectual property;
  • In case of disputes relating to ntellectual property, we prefessionally maximize clients' benefits in litigation, license agreements and the like, in line with their intentions, , and propose flexible and appropriate countermeasures in consideration of our clients' business development;
  • We make important contributions contribute to our clients' business development , not only being aware of our position as their representative, ,but also considering ourselves a member of each client's group;
  • We have createde worldwide networks relating to intellectual property, through which we support domestic clients for their international business development and support foreign clients with an accurate assessment of their needs;

2. To concentrate on the development of personnel and an organization that can adequately cope with advancing economic globalization;

In order to realize this goal:

  • We strive, in a professional manner, to be reliable business partners for our clients, meeting demands for not only foreign language communication but also all aspects of globalization, so that clients feel no difference from their normal business practices;
  • Specifically, by allowing employees to acquire experience in international business from youth, and hiring personnel with abundant experience in working overseas and participating in international business, we are able to provide more capable human resources for international business;

To contribute to society through intellectual property business, and to further contribute toward “Realization and Continuity of International Peace (IP)” using networks of personal contacts developed through “Intellectual propertiy (IP) business”

In order to realize these goals:

  • We strive not only to be intellectual property professionals, but also to offerdeep insights and display high ethics as members of society, with the aim of promoting economic development and growth of a society in which people can enjoy happier lives;
  • We therefore contribute to IP (International Peace) through our efforts related to IP (Intellectual Property).